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P6 Black 50% off voucher still live, Cellucor’s testosterone booster now at

Get Cellucor's P6 Black Extreme for $39.99

The biggest surprise that came with the return of Cellucor’s legendary testosterone booster P6 Black, was not it’s ingredients or it’s extremely stylish mix of chrome and black. But it’s shocking $80 retail price. To help ease in the value of the supplement, the brand promoted it with a viral campaign that gave social networkers up to 50% off. The deal was that you had to share the specific link and depending on how many friends it reached, you received a certain amount of discount. The best part about it all was that the vouchers given to each person were not a one time use thing. So of course the code ‘21397’ got out, allowing people who were not so deserving to get P6 Black Extreme from GNC for under $40. If you are interested in the testosterone booster, the voucher is still live. Not only that, the code was designed to work at, and now that the retailer is stocking the product. You can pick it up for $39.99, and unlike GNC, have it shipped to an address outside of America.

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