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Redesign puts protein guarantee up top, Scitec update their website 4 months after their labels

Scitec Nutrition redesign their website for 2013

Scitec Nutrition recently redesigned their website about as swiftly as they relabeled all of their product. The updated layout brings with it a much cleaner combination of colors, giving their supplements, clothing, and accessories, a lighter atmosphere. As well as a less intense theme Scitec have also uploaded every one of the Muscle Army products, and dedicated a separately designed section to the military inspired series. Most of the information has remained the same, however the brand have added two links they believe are as important as the contact and supplement pages. The website now has a currently untouched reviews area, where fans can put in a star rated word on Scitec’s regular and Muscle Army products. The other section is the protein guarantee which lists the lab results from the brand’s protein powder batches. Something you will actually not find available from any other popular supplement company.

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