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Review of Game Day puts it in the top 10, MAN deliver with their unique dendrobium formula

Review of MAN Sports pre-workout Game Day

MAN Sports updated their pre-workout formula late last year and have been promoting it every way they can since. When the official facts panel was released, you could say the supplement wasn’t much of a threat. It definitely had the ingredients to assure a solid experience. But nothing that made you want to grab it over some of the other big names on the shelf. While this review may be 6 months after it’s launch, we can confirm that Game Day is definitely a threat. So much so that it has earned a well deserved place in our top 10.

The first thing that gets shoved into your face before even opening the pre-workout is the warning of one scoop maximum. With one serving equaling half a scoop, balancing out each tub of Game Day to 30 workouts on the maximum dose. These instructions are not to be taken lightly, as MAN have put them on the tub twice for good reason. That reason being, you will not need anymore than one scoop of Game Day.

The pre-workout starts off like any other. The anticipation of a kick after putting back something that sounded nice, smelt good, but as always never tastes that way. After the usual 10 to 20 minutes, the product’s energy will fire up the body. It doesn’t come over you as quickly as formulas like AdreNOlyn or Ritual. However give it about 10 or 20 more minutes and the full force of the supplement will be in motion. The best way to describe the energy would be, Ritual like. It is a hard hitting power that comes with an incredible amount of intensity that like most of the greats, will have you reppin’ and reppin’, leaving you with no need for rest in between each set.

While Game Day may not have much of a presence in the focus department, it makes up a lot of ground with it’s pump effect. Again the best way to describe the experience would be to compare it to another pre-workout, and that comparable pre-workout would be N.O. Bull. Just like the MuscleMeds product, Game Day delivers a pump that expands your muscles to the point of popping. If you are someone who enjoys isolation exercises like bicep curls or leg extensions. You will find that after the first few sets the muscles will fill up to a point where you know something’s going on, and that something as we have discovered is Game Day. It’s quite difficult to sum up the formulas performance, especially when the words are what you’d expect to see on an advertisement. Either way, the best exaggerated term for the whole Game Day experience would be ‘unstoppable skin bursting intensity’.

The combination of the pre-workout’s effects put it beyond most others in it’s field. Thanks to it’s high level of intensity, non-stop energy, and unparalleled pumps. Game Day is definitely a supplement you need to at least get a sample of. Fortunately if a sachet is a bit difficult to acquire, the product doesn’t really cost much. Keep in mind the above review is based on the maximum of one scoop, which each tub has 30 of. For a full bottle of the pre-workout you’ll be looking at around 30 to $35. There is also a 4 scoop variant floating around for about $10, however once you used it, you’re going to wish you grabbed the full size.

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