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Sledgehammer gets new flavors for it’s new formula, Muscleology movement leaves Nitro-Pro and Myofiber out for now

Muscleology have barely left the news thanks to the constant updates on their big 2013 movement. The last detail announced by the brand was the revealing of Carnitine Complete as a premixed RTD, not the form the supplement was originally previewed in. The latest information coming out of Muscleology is the successful black and bronze labeling of RedTest, DPX Cuts, Lipoburn Platinum, and Lipoburn-X. Leaving Myofiber and Nitro-Pro the only two products left to repackage. On top of the much more consistent looking range, Muscleology have confirmed two new flavors for their reformulated pre-workout Sledgehammer. Previously the only option fans had to choose from was green apple, which has now been joined by two more fruity variants, pineapple and fruit punch.

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