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Upgraded Creatine X3 sees no rise in price, Six Star improve their formula and serving count

Six Star Muscle improve their Creatine X3 formula and raise it's serving count

Six Star Muscle is Muscletech’s spin off brand who last hit the news when they doubled the size of their plainly named testosterone booster, Testosterone Booster. The most recent update from the company goes to their post-workout formula, Creatine X3. The supplement carries a Cell-Tech like complex with three types of creatine

and a few extra ingredients to help boost results.

To increase the value of the product Six Star have almost doubled the serving count going from 20 to 35, while maintaining the same price. They have also confirmed a ‘new & improved formula’, which is almost a warning. As it packs 15 more scoops, a stronger list of contents, yet somehow costs the same. No facts panel has been released for the new formula, however it is already being shipped to stockists.