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White Flood Reborn reviewed, Controlled Labs focus on one particular area

Review of Controlled Labs pre-workout White Flood Reborn

Controlled Labs reformulated pre-workout White Flood Reborn, is the company’s second supplement to receive the Reborn upgrade. First up was the old school fat burner Red Acid, which didn’t manage to serve up that much of a result. Our review wasn’t overly positive, with the weight loss product proving to have very little effect. Regardless, we didn’t let that ruin the Reborn name, holding on to our high hopes for Controlled’s new pre-workout. Upon seeing the facts panel, it was questionable as to what exactly it would do. As per usual the only way to find out was to use the formula. So for those wanting to know how well it performs, here today is the White Flood Reborn review.

Even though it has citrulline, vinpocetine, and caffeine, the supplement does not deliver on energy. You can take it the regular 10 to 20 minutes before you workout, however it is quite difficult to spot where it kicks in. There is a mild shock on two scoops, but like the single serving, it is easy to miss.

Despite White Flood’s energy vacancy, Controlled Labs have given the product an effect not many pre-workouts hold as a highlight. While it does lack in the pump, intensity, and as mentioned energy department, it makes up ground with it’s focus. The supplement has the uncanny ability to blank out your surroundings, get your head on straight, and put your tunnel vision online. The reason the effect seems to be so noticeable in White Flood is not because it is strong, but because the other features are toned down. Without the explosive energy, non-stop intensity, and ego building pumps. The product puts your mind in the place it should be, without the interference of any other effects.

The Reborn supplement was never going to be a top pre-workout. Although with it’s odd mix of ingredients, the experience was expected to be unique, and as it turns out. That is exactly what it offers. Whether or not it was the intention of Controlled Labs to push the mental side of things, they have managed to create a product that is unlike anything else. White Flood may not be for everyone, but for those wanting a heavily focused session, leaning towards people who work on single reps and max strength. The supplement is definitely worth a try, especially when it is available in a 10 serving tub.

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