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Discounted supplements daily and direct, AI Sports Nutrition special on every 24 hours

AI Sports Nutrition deal of the day

AI Sports Nutrition, the makers of supplements such as Perform, No Whey, and HGH Pro. Have put together a page very similar to that of Muscle HQ. Of course they don’t offer deals on other brand’s products, however they do some heavy discounts on their own supplement range. As well as uploading great individual prices, AI Sports also throw stacks online. For example yesterday’s deal of the day saw the testosterone formula TestoPro, which usually retails for around $40, or $55 direct, teamed up with the brand’s massularia acuminata product for a combined price of $49.99. Some days the deals are not exactly overwhelming, but they are still worth tuning in for. Also keep in mind AI Sports do charge a shipping fee of $7.99 regardless of your order size. Alternatively if your purchase is over $50 and being shipped within the continental US, use the coupon code ‘AIFS’ to get free delivery.

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