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Maintain confirmed as a weight loss powder, American Muscle burning fat from every angle

American Muscle weight loss powder Maintain

Of all the supplements listed as coming soon from American Muscle, we have managed to get a few details on Oceanfuel, and Premium Whey, Mass, and MRP. The one we had yet to get a glimpse of was Maintain. However now with an up close and personal shot of the product we can confirm the formula is set to land in the weight loss department. Unlike American Muscle’s other fat burning supplements, Exile and Banish. Maintain looks to be sitting somewhere in between the effects of the other two. While Exile is more energy and thermogenic driven, and Banish, diet and metabolic. The powdered weight loss is a combination of both, carrying ingredients like CLA and raspberry ketones, a fiber complex, and presumably caffeine to cover the energy. At the moment we can not get a hold of Maintain’s entire formula, however we can confirm it will be launching in two flavors, mango fusion and raspberry lemonade.

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