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Isomorph WPI-28 gets creampied not upsized, APS Nutrition take their protein menu up to 3

APS Nutrition Isomorph WPI-28 banana cream pie

APS Nutrition, the makers of the relatively average pre-workout supplement Mesomorph, and the individual formula Creatine Nitrate. Are looking to give back to their one and only protein powder Isomorph WPI-28. As it’s name explains, the product contains 28g of protein per scoop, with 1g of fat, 4g of carbs and 2g of sugar. Currently the supplement is only available in the not so valueable 2lb size with 27 servings, and two flavors, chocolate and delicious vanilla milkshake. The latest variant being added to APS Nutrition’s Isomorph is unfortunately not the much needed larger 4 or 5lb tub. But a new flavor, banana cream pie. Most retailers stocking the supplement still have it listed with it’s original two options, however the banana flavor is available to stockists now so it should be showing up everywhere soon.

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