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Platinum Post Protocol and Ultimate Mass, add to their exclusive supplement series Platinum Series Ultimate Mass and Post Protocol have released a number of self made supplements. Of all their attempts at cracking the market last year’s launch of the Platinum Series is hands down their best effort. The product line was not targeted at the low end with a cheap protein powder or individual ingredient formulas. But right in the heart of it all with well priced quality supplements like the amino cocktail Amino Recovery, and the tried and true pre-workout Scream. While it was rather obvious that the Platinum Series had it’s place in the competitive categories it entered. have furthered their reach with the release of two more products. Fans of the retailer and their exclusive supplement range can now purchase the recovery complex Post Protocol, and the weight gainer Ultimate Mass. Taking the Platinum Series up to a total of eight different products, and opening up the opportunity for more supplement stacks.

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