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Creature gets upgraded at no extra cost, Beast Sports bring new formulas with their new look

Beast Sports reformulate their creatine Creature

Beast are slowly getting their rebranded supplements out there, with a number of them already showing up in retailers. Of the repackaged line up, some have had their formulas altered for the big launch. One of the brand’s most popular products Creature, has been included in this group of updated supplements. On top of the original’s Creapure, Magna-Power, alpha-ketoglutarate, and creatine anhydrous. Beast have introduced Crea-tona, Cinnulin PF, and the branded feature Astragin. The upgraded Creature has had it’s complex weight increased from 2,504mg to 3,025mg. So it may be good to assume the reformulated product has got everything it’s predecessor did, as well as the added ingredients. Fans can begin looking out for the new creatine immediately, and be reassured that the upgraded supplement will come at no extra cost. As it still has it’s full 60 servings for the same price as the previous Creature.

Beast Sports Creature 2013 formula
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