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Aminolytes formula completely remodeled, Beast Sports look to be updating everything

Beast Sports reformulate their amino cocktail Aminolytes

Beast Sports repackaged and reformulated supplements are slowing beginning to appear in stockists. Right after the reveal of the remade creatine product Creature, it appears that another one of the brand’s popular supplements has had a few modifications as well. Beast’s amino cocktail Aminolytes has gone under the knife and come out with changes to every area of it’s formula. While all of the minor features have had their doses slightly added to or taken away from, a lot of the updates have gone to the proprietary blends. Previously Aminolytes carried a 6g BCAA complex, which has now been transformed into a 5g instantized BCAA complex. On top of the BCAA edit, Beast have dropped beta alanine from the product, increased their EAA matrix from 1.8g to 5g, and introduced glycine, alanine, and to help reduce catabolic protein breakdown, Amino Shield. You can check out the new Aminolytes facts panel below and start looking for it in stores now.

Beast Sports new Aminolytes formula
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