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A trip down memory lane with Noxipro, review of CTD Labs DMAA pre-workout

Review of CTD Labs DMAA pre-workout supplement Noxipro

After the DMAA warning issued by the FDA a lot of the major supplement companies withdrew their pre-workout formulas from the market. Most reformulated their products, while a handful did hold on to their precious 1,3-dimethylamylamine supplements. Sitting in the small group of brands who soldiered on was CTD Labs. They have continued to produce their DMAA powered Noxipro to this day, as well as distribute a DMAA free version called Noxipro Chrome. Even though the pre-workout without the banned ingredient may have made for an interesting review. We decided to snatch up a bottle of the original Noxipro and see how it fairs against today’s energizing formulas.

The signature effects that come with the powerful 1,3-D, are energy, focus, and intensity. Just like the original Jack3d, Hemo-Rage, and Neurocore, Noxipro is no exception to the powerful presence of DMAA. The product is like a walk down memory lane, if memory lane were one year ago. The go hard mentality kicks in as per usual at the 10 to 20 minute mark. The tunnel vision focus also chimes in for the experience, as well as the always enjoyable non-stop intensity. Another thing that brings back the memories is the terrible taste of Noxipro. Not only is it’s performance very similar, if not identical to the original Jack3d. But the fruit punch variant we sampled tasted just as foul as USP’s trend setter. Aside from it’s flavoring, the trouble with Noxipro is the same thing with all the original 1,3-D supplements. While it’s effects do kick in at the expected time, the power of the pre-workout begins to fade between 30 to 45 minutes. Leaving you a little lethargic if you can not complete your workout before the formula runs out.

All up the CTD Lab’s product performs as expected. Whether or not it has been updated or edited since the loss of it’s competition. Noxipro delivers an experience much the same as USP’s concentrated innovation, and Betancourt’s original balls to the wall D-Stunner. Unfortunately while it does work, the review has shown us that some of today’s top pre-workouts do offer results on par with what we thought was lost in the industry. Supplements like Monster Pump and Game Day, perform just as good as Noxipro. Their effects are quite different, but in an odd way more modern. Of course there are those who are die hard fans of the ingredient and and will stay loyal to the end, and if you are one of those people then CTD’s Noxipro is definitely worth looking into.

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