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Train past the pain in purple and black, Fusion’s clothing line gets a little bigger

Fusion Bodybuilding train past the pain tee

Fusion Bodybuilding’s list of gear stretches beyond that of almost every other supplement company in the business. Their accessories range stretches across a large number of categories with tees, long sleeves, singlets, hats, and women’s shirts and tanks. While the brand’s last two updates saw the supplement Purple K Reps, and the train past the pain hoodie released. Fusion have once again gone back to their merchandise department to add a few more colors to their train past the pain tee. Currently the popular design is only available in one color, red, with the brand looking to increase that number by introducing two more variants, black and purple. Fusion Bodybuilding have not given the new clothing products any launch time frame or date. However they have said to keep an eye on the gear section of their website, as that is where they will be appearing first.

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