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Future Fanatyx offered trial size Slin Sane, Genomyx cut down their fat burner to 10 caps

Genomyx Slin Sane 10 capsule trial bottle

With the presence of Genomyx growing day by day, the brand have been doing right by their fans and producing a number of new supplements and variants. Over the past few months the company have dropped their popular post-workout Advanced Protocol, remade Decimate into a powder, and started their Basyx series with Agmatine Sulfate powder. Genomyx’s latest effort sees them going back to the fat burning category, however this time it is not for Decimate, but for Slin Sane. While the nutrient optimizer was originally only available in a 60 capsule bottle. Genomyx have now produced a trial size option coming in at one sixth the size with 10 capsules. According to the brand it is in stock, and should be showing up at retailers in combination with some sort of promotion or individual sale soon.

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