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Super Charge 4.0 followed by Iso Lean Pro, Labrada go big with their isolate protein powder

Labrada Nutrition Iso Lean Pro isolate protein powder

Going from Lean Body Gold protein bars, to an all new version of the pre-workout Super Charge! Labrada Nutrition have been going one after another this year with supplement releases. The company are now at it again with their latest innovation showing up in stores, Iso Lean Pro. The product is exactly as it’s title describes, a 100% whey protein isolate formula. The chocolate variant of the supplement packs 71 servings, with the vanilla at 73. Both versions carry a scoop size of 31g consisting of 25g of protein and 1g of fat, with a slight difference in the carb count. As the chocolate variant has 1g of carbs totaling 115 calories, and the vanilla at 0g and 110 calories. Despite being an average isolate protein product, Labrada have been kind enough to produce Iso Lean Pro in a 5lb tub. Giving what little value they could to a usually expensive type of protein powder.

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