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Instincts follow up Primer Performance Packs, Magnum tease the launch of their latest product

A few months ago now at the Arnold Classic Magnum Nutraceuticals revealed their high priced personal performance enhancer Instincts. The supplement came packed with a look quite different from that of their other products, carrying a small color palette and spacious label design. Magnum’s latest innovation sees them going back to their large spectrum of colors and loud layout with what looks to be a multi-vitamin. Coming to a stockist near you is the new performance pack supplement, Primer. It is a little hard to tell exactly what the product is at the moment with no information page or detailed image. But from the picture Magnum have uploaded it will be a widely packed formula featuring 15 key functions. Even though we are putting it in the vitamin category, with highlights such as muscle mass, recovery, strength, and performance, Primer could turn out to be a number of things. Fortunately it does look like retailers will be getting the supplement very soon, which should shed some more light.

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