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Agmatine Elite packing more than just agmatine, Millenium Sport release two basics for 2013

Millenium Sport Krill 500 and Agmatine Elite

Millenium Sport are the makers of a number of complex supplements such as Carnage, Somnidren, and MVP. They are also the makers of a number of basic products, of which they have produced two more of for 2013. The two supplements joining the Millenium line up are Krill 500, an EPA and DHA formula with as it’s title states,

500mg of krill oil.

The other item coming from the brand is one that joins a popular 2013 trend, Agmatine Elite. The product is an agmatine sulfate driven supplement containing 1000mg of it’s title ingredient, and a few kickers to help increase it’s effects, 300mg of taurine and 50mg of Astragin. Both formulas are set to show up in retailers soon, with a number of stockists already selling the two.

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