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Intercept and Kinetic facts panels uploaded, Neon Sport leave their Surge formula to last

Neon Sport Kinetic and Intercept formulas

After yesterday’s facts panel release of Neon Sport’s pre-workout formula Volt. The brand have gone on to unveil the contents of two more of their supplements. The BCAA + SAA product Kinetic, has turned out to be a little more than what we had imagined. As not only does it contain both 2.5g of BCAAs, and 4g of SAAs. But it also has an extra proprietary blend weighing in at 631mg with carnitine tartrate, coconut water, and ascorbic acid. The other supplement Neon have dropped the formula of is the ai-cortisol control item Intercept. The odd one of the bunch consists of three complexes, estrogen, cortisol, and a water intercept matrix. All designed to deliver results in the area of their title. You can check out the detailed facts panels of Kinetic and Intercept below, and like Volt, look out for them in the next week or two.

Neon Sport Kinetic and Intercept facts panels
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