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Sample coupon not working but is meant to drop Neon’s Thermo-Rev down to $37.99

Sample coupon not working but is meant to drop Neon's Thermo-Rev down to $37.99

Initially Neon Sport’s Thermo-Rev was only made available through GNC, who had the supplement priced relatively high at $59.99. While Gold Card members could pick the product up for $53.99, it was still quite expensive for a maximum months supply fat burner. Since the GNC release there has been just one other location given Neon’s Thermo-Rev, the one and only As you’d expect the online giant go a further $6 cheaper setting the cost of the weight loss solution at $47.99. With that said, regular shoppers may have actually noticed Thermo-Rev samples have been slipped in to recent orders. More importantly on the two capsule packets there is a code to get you $10 off Neon’s first new supplement since they arrived. The code is “REV10”, however if you try entering that in with a purchase of the fat burner you’ll be greeted with “invalid promotional code”. The coupon isn’t set to expire until April 15th, so either something’s gone wrong or it just isn’t live yet. Either way, when it does all start working, Neon fans shopping at will be able to get a hold of Thermo-Rev for $37.99. For a saving that big it would be worthwhile noting the code “REV10” down and occasionally checking in with the store to see if it’s up and running.

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