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Nutra Planet’s Inner Circle like launch pack, chance to try USP Lab’s new OxyElite Protein

Nutra Planet OxyElite Protein launch stack

With a lot of retailers slowly introducing USP Lab’s new supplement, OxyElite Protein. Most are launching it as per usual, no hype, no special, just the availability. Nutra Planet on the other hand, the online store known for great introductory offers, have put together a discounted stack that offers roughly the same value as the brand’s Inner Circle one off deal. Available now for a limited time is a 10 piece pack consisting of a 2lb tub of OxyElite Protein with a flavor of your choice. A bottle of Anabolic Pump, two samples each of OxyElite Pro Powder, Modern BCAA+, and Jack3d Micro, and a single sample of OxyElite Pro and OxyElite Protein, presumably not of the 2lb tub’s flavor. Just like USP’s one off Inner Circle stack, Nutra Planet’s combo will only cost you $40. For fans of the brand this deal needs no more selling. As for those who have yet to give the USP range a chance. Nutra’s 10 piece pack is the perfect opportunity to not just try the latest and greatest from the innovators, but five other products.

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