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Customized cap and supplement trademarks, Nutrex looking to launch a few more individuals

Nutrex Glutamine Driver Lipo-6 CLA Lipo-6 Carnitine

Nutrex Research have been a little quiet since the launch of their chromed out fat burner Lipo-6 Unlimited earlier in the year. They have now come out with an upcoming product, and the possibility of three new supplements. The item confirmed for fans of the underground side of Nutrex, is a black and red themed hat. While it has yet to be announced whether or not the accessory will go on sale to the public. The news of the other three possibilities is definitely a lot more interesting. At the moment the product titles made public by the company do not exactly mean they will be put into production, however it is good to see what Nutrex are thinking. The first of the three names is Glutamine Drive, which if released, should join the brand’s other two Drive formulas Creatine and BCAA. The remaining two supplements like the first, also speak for themselves, Lipo-6 CLA and Lipo-6 Carnitine. For now they are just trademarks, and even though the custom stitched hat may not be the most exciting  it is the only one of the bunch that has been produced.

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