The crashless rush that is Volt, Cellucor makers produce a powerful pre-workout for Neon Sport

Jun 20, 2013 | Neon Sport
Neon Sport pre-workout Volt review

Neon Sport have yet to officially launch their range of supplements through their two big retailers, and GNC. Despite being listed on the latter, GNC are not actually shipping anything at the moment with all of Neon’s products listed as backordered. Regardless of their distribution status, we managed to score ourselves a sample of the brand’s pre-workout supplement Volt. By getting the formula before release, we were given the opportunity to use the product and either warn purchasers or encourage them. So after fast tracking the supplement’s place in line, here today is the review of Neon Sport’s Volt before it hits shelves.

Getting a beta testing sample is a rare thing for us. In fact about 50% of the products that we do get sent for free are unfortunately given a negative review, resulting in the supplying brand never contacting us again. Putting past experiences aside, Neon Sport is a fresh new name, one that has yet to be seen on shelves. The fact that we were sent a sachet of their pre-workout was not only surprising. But proof of Cellucor’s confidence in what they have created.

The pre-workout category is probably one of the most competitive in today’s market. With so many different formulas offering unique effects and over hyped highlights. Volt is one of those few that delivers an experience unlike any of it’s competitors. To get straight to the point, Neon’s energizing supplement is no joke. The product is a helluva lot more than the ingredients on it’s label and a pretty yellow face.

After about the first 10 minutes, a little less than a pre-workout supplement usually takes to kick in. The power of Neon’s product starts to echo throughout the body. The three main effects Neon Sport have packed into this one are energy, intensity, and an odd amount of thermogenesis. Whether or not the ingredients are responsible for that last feature on the list, it is a major part of the supplement. In fact it goes beyond the thought of wondering if it is just hot, to knowing exactly what is to blame for the excessive sweating and body heat.

Like many other successful formulas, the two remaining effects energy and intensity, compliment each other in a way that transforms you into set after set beast. What would usually be a 2 to maybe 3 minute rest period in between sets, drops down to about 30 seconds purely because you want to do more. While focus is not really a major factor in Volt. The energy and intensity are so overpowering you will find it hard to put down a weight, and when you do, it won’t be for very long. Even between exercises, superset or not, you will find a quicker pace in your walk and consistent drive to use what is pumping throughout your body. To top if off the product is no slouch when it comes to endurance. Instead of being dropped off a cliff at 30 to 45 minutes. You will find that when your workout is done, you will have plenty left in the tank. The supplement actually manages to maintain it’s high octane intensity well past the 60 minute mark. Leaving the decision of when to walk out of the gym up to your muscles, and how much pain they are willing to go through.

The exciting thing about Neon Sport’s new pre-workout is not only it’s powerful combination of effects, but it’s price. The product is expected to land at a little above the $30 mark, and on occasions drop down into the 20s. With 36 servings per tub, and the above experience based on roughly 2 and a half. It’s value isn’t the best on the market. However each person will be different, and some people may find one or possibly two to be their perfect performer. Then again some people may in fact find Volt to be the best thing they’ve ever had, so cost might not even come into question.

With all the hype surrounding Neon Sport, the teasing, and the exclusive availability of the line. It wouldn’t have been overly surprising if the range was all show and no go. As it turns out, the Cellucor spin off is quite the opposite. Of course we can only vouch for Volt, but if the other formulas offer even half of what the pre-workout does. Neon are going to make for some serious competition. If you were just like us and a little skeptical, even after reading our Volt review. We can only hope the pre-workout’s spot on our top 10 does enough to convince you.