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Review of the pre-workout additive Peak 400, Promera’s excitability formula put to the test

Review of Promera Sports Peak ATP formula Peak 400

Despite our doubts in Promera Sports and their latest supplement release Peak 400. We went ahead and purchased a bottle to see if the product is as excitable as it claims. The main reason we doubted the formula in the first place was the fact that it only contained one ingredient. On top of that it launched with a retail value similar to that of a pre-workout supplement. Of course the Peak ATP product had it’s research and studies. We just didn’t think that 400mg of the lonely feature was going to make that much of a difference if added to a pre-workout, or perform that well when taken by itself. Regardless here today is our experience review of Promera’s Peak 400.

There will no doubt be a handful of people that this supplement works on, unfortunately no one here who tried it noticed a thing. When taken with a pre-workout, the performance of the formula it was taken with went unchanged. When taken by itself, as well as the sting of the lemon and lime flavoring. The only thing that seemed to happen was a very slight change in energy. Not a huge amount, kind of like a pinch. However it is worth mentioning this experience only happened when taken solo and on a cardio session. When lifting weights or another intense form of training, Peak 400 was as exciting as the water you drink from your bottle.

It is hard to touch, or for that matter improve on today’s pre-workout products. With so many different formulas promoting so many different experiences. It was almost certain that Peak 400 was not going to be able to add to the performance of any pre-workout supplement. Whether or not it worked, powerhouse products like ANS Ritual, MAN’s Game Day, or Neon’s Volt, all pack a punch that takes your body to it’s limit. When it comes to exercises and results, you can always push through. But when it comes to your body, there is surely only so much it can be stimulated. Which is why we figured when taken with any successful pre-workout, Peak 400 was never going to work. It had a small window to perform when tested solo, however as mentioned it’s mild hit goes unnoticed when working out. As for it’s spike in a cardio session or just sitting still. You’re not going to want to blow 80 cents a scoop when you would find more excitement in watching a motivational YouTube video.

Promera Sports are an innovative company. They are the makers of the concentrated creatine Con-Cret, the conveniently formulated Amino-Tren, and the glutamine packed Gluta-Tren. If there is one word that could describe their list of products, it would be innovative. A company that takes risks and goes where no one else dares to or has been, is a company that is definitely worth watching. While Peak 400 did turn out to be as disappointing as we had expected, you can’t help but look forward to Promera’s next release, whatever it may be.

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