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Daddy’s Deal for Father’s Day, Rival Us Promasil and Enpulse for $99

Rival Us Daddy's Deal of Promasil and Enpulse

While there are a number of countries around the world looking to celebrate Father’s Day on other dates. People of the United States have the occasion lined up for the third Sunday of June, which is this weekend. There is likely to be more supplement companies launching sales inspired by the day, however one of the early birds appears to be Rival Us. The brand that is appearing in more retailers every month, is running a special designed for Father’s Day. The promotion is titled Daddy’s Deal and comes with a 2lb tub of Promasil, a full 30 day supply of Enpulse, and a Rival Us blender bottle. All three items are available for a total of $99, and as per usual there is no shipping cost when buying direct.

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