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Beta-Stim enters it’s beta testing phase, Ronnie Coleman teases his next big supplement release

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Beta-Stim

Ronnie Coleman last hit the scene with a bunch of new supplements in Iso-Tropic Max, Stacked-N.O., Creatine XS, and trial size versions of Myo-Blitz, Resurrect P.M., and Testogen-XR. The latest update from the king’s Signature Series

brand is a product tentatively titled Beta-Stim. The formula is currently in it’s testing phase and looks to be produced in capsule form. Based on the temporary, or possibly permanent name of the supplement, Ronnie could be entering into the fat burning market. While there is the chance Beta-Stim is destined for somewhere away from the weight loss field. The lack of presence from the Signature Series in the fat burning category, as well as the stimulant title, is a good indication that is where the product may end up.

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