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Shirts and shakers for Muscle Army, Scitec promote their military series with accessories

Scitec Nutrition Muscle Army shirts and shakers

Scitec Nutrition previewed their military inspired Muscle Army series earlier in the year and launched the line a few months later in May. Most of the formulas are relatively average with only a few standouts such as the creatine gainer Tank, and the joint complex Heavy Duty. The brand are now starting to push their new range with military styled accessories. Coming soon to a stockist near you are two tees and two 360 shakers. Both types of products have been produced with separate color themes, one woodland and one desert camo, and printed with Scitec Nutrition’s Muscle Army logo. The shakers are the regular 360 bottles with dual screw on lids, and a 700ml cup. As for the shirts, they are the same make and model as the rest of the brand’s tees with five sizes on the list, small to XX-large.

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