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Instant Smoothie and Soy Protein make it seven, Six Star adding to both basic and elite ranges

Six Star Pro Nutrition Instant Protein Smoothie & Soy Protein

Six Star Pro Nutrition have been in the news almost every fortnight with a new supplement release. They’ve been hard at work adding a few formulas to their basic series hitting retailers with 100% Creatine and two protein snacks. On top of their simple product updates Six Star previously produced a reformulated Testosterone Booster and Creatine X3. Two higher up items that showed early signs the brand were not all about the low end. To further prove that point the supplement company have been slowly adding to what was originally a straight forward lineup of protein powders. As well as their Whey, Isolate, Casein, Mass Gainer, and Muscle Building formulas. Six Star are now distributing Soy and Instant Protein Smoothie. The latter is definitely the more interesting product of the two featuring a greens blend, vitamins, minerals, and a probiotic complex. If you would like to read a little more on the two you will find both supplements on the brand’s official website.

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