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Zero Carb SRO repackaged and reformulated, VPX Sports chipping away at their rebranding

VPX Sports repackaged and reformulated Zero Carb SRO

VPX Sports recently showed signs of rebranding with most of their 2012 to 2013 launches. Friction, 12 Gauge, CarbonX, Chain Drive, and the trial size versions of N.O. Shotgun, N.O. Synthesize, and Power Shock. All showed a packaging style very different from that of the brand’s previous supplement releases. Of course relabeling an entire line would be a bit of mission. Which is why the alternative of updating products when necessary could the way VPX are going. The brand’s latest change that has yet to be seen outside of their website, is the new theme of Zero Carb SRO. As well as a visual update featuring some attractive vector art, the supplement has also been said to have a new formula. Slowly but surely the revisited Zero Carb should be showing up in stores. But for now you can read all about it and check out it’s flavor varied facts panels on it’s product page.

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