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Life Lifted with cinnamon bunz ablaze, VPX Sports add to their 2 month old protein bar

VPX Sports Life Lift cinnamon bunz ablaze

Earlier in the year VPX Sports previewed their all natural protein bar Life Lift. The supplement was teased with 20g of fiber, 20g of protein, and a gluten free formula. On top of the many highlights, the brand promoted the product as a taste not to be missed. If the delectable images VPX used were not enough, Life Lift was released with six equally seductive gourmet flavors. Initially the bar was previewed with two options, strawberry supreme and apple cinnamon. Which on launch were joined by chocolate brownie blitz, buck wild blueberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate peanut butter blast. With an already strong selection of six variants, two month’s after Life Lift’s release VPX are looking to add to it’s menu once again. Coming soon to a stockist near you is the mouth watering cinnamon bunz ablaze. The flavor will not only fit right in, but it knocks up the product’s options list to a total of seven.

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