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APC and Pre-workout booster lead the way, Xyience bringing a new look and new formulas

Xyience rebranded supplement Pre-Workout Booster

The reinvigorated brand Xyience recently announced the coming of their new protein powder, Advanced Protein Complex. While originally it could not be confirmed if the basic supplement would be replacing the company’s current and very similar protein powder, XY-Pro. It is looking more and more likely as Xyience’s latest release, Pre-Workout Booster, features the same branding makeover as APC, and has in fact been confirmed as a reformulation. The upcoming energizer boasts highlights such as 3g of citrulline, 5g of creatine, 2g of beta alanine, and a full size menu of ice berry, orange mango, and fruit punch. Along with the announcement of the product the brand have taken the opportunity to drop the pre-workout’s facts panel. You can check out the full formula behind the new supplement below, and by the looks of things expect to see more Xyience reformulations over the coming few months.

Xyience Pre-workout Booster facts panel
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