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Xyience introduce more than an edgier logo and all new look


While the all new Xyience wasn’t said to be revealed until next week on Wednesday September 2nd, the brand has already gone ahead and launched their all new website. The site not only gives us a look at the edgier logo we got a preview of at the beginning of the week, but also a whole lot of new supplements from Xyience. All we were expecting was a makeover of some kind, which is only about a fraction of what the brand has put together.

The slight change to the Xyience logo is really just the tip of the iceberg. What the brand has done is actually create an entirely new line called Xyience Performance Nutrition, introducing a collection of seven products all featuring a non-Xyience like look and feel. The supplements are mostly definitely a big surprise, as the brand has taken them in a direction very different to what you’d expect, although their energy drink has remained the same.

The most interesting thing about Xyience’s new set of supplements is that they’ve grouped them in a rather uncommon way. The seven products all appear to be similarly named to the brand’s originals, Advanced Protein Complex, Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-Workout Booster, all using their intentions as titles. The official names of the formulas are Hydration & Replenishment, Multivitamin & Mineral complex, Whey Protein, then where it gets a bit strange we have Cardio and Strength & Conditioning.

We say those last two are the odd ones because both come in two versions with Cardio as women’s pre-workout and women’s post-workout, and Strength & Conditioning as men’s pre-workout and men’s post-workout. While there’s nothing wrong with separate pre and posts for men and women, what makes them odd is how they’re marketed. It’s not too often you see a brand specifically direct and label cardio supplements for women and strength type formulas for men.

To find out more on all of Xyience’s new products you will have to go to a slightly different website than normal, or what is now a set of websites. To check out the rebranded line of energy drinks you need to visit, and for all the other products

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