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Creature goes to four with an exclusive flavor, Beast Sports select Supplement Warehouse

Beast Sports exclusive unflavored Creature creatine

For the launch of Beast Sports reformulated multi-creatine complex Creature. The bright blue brand carried over the supplement’s previous three flavors, cherry limeade, citrus, and pink lemonade. Even after Beast pushed their series through GNC, the store with the most unique variants, Creature still looked to be going with it’s original options, no more, no less. That being said, now that the brand have spread their updated formulas and repackaged products to almost every stockist, the popular creatine has surfaced in an alternate flavor. Joining the current three variants is one that most fans would have been waiting for, unflavored. As with all great things there is a catch, which for Beast Sport’s unflavored Creature is that it can only be purchased from Supplement Warehouse. Despite it’s exclusive status, the tasteless formula will not cost you anything extra with the retailer selling it rather competitively and at the same price as the other options, $29.99.

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