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Neon Sport followed by yet another new brand, Cellucor’s Royal Sport surfaces with Charge

Cellucor's new spin off Royal Sport and their product Charge

On top of the delayed arrival of Cellucor’s spin off brand Neon Sport and their four supplements, Intercept, Surge, Volt, and Kinetic, another name has surfaced under the company’s Woodbolt umbrella. The title of the brand is Royal Sport LTD, and the name of their product is Charge. The first formula to be seen from the unknown subsidiary is a BCAA & SAA supplement, with an added glutamine electrolyte complex to help boost results. Despite having everything there is know about Royal Sport’s first release Charge. There is absolutely nothing else available on the brand, except for a launch page dated June 9th. There are Facebook, Twitter, and official website addresses confirmed, however none of them work. Hopefully with the arrival of their first product, Royal Sport will reveal themselves in more detail very soon.

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