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Gluten free whole grain oatmeal SMART bar, Detour’s latest protein snack coming very soon

Detour's new supplement snack SMART bars

Detour are the makers of some of the tastiest protein treats on the market, going from the ready-to-drink option to their flagship, lower sugar, and oatmeal bars. The last time the brand made news was when they announced the upcoming flavor for their lower sugar menu, neapolitan. Today’s update from Detour is not an addition to any of their current supplements, but a completely new product called SMART. From what has been detailed the supplement gets it’s title from it’s highlights, hinting at it being the SMART option. The bar is a gluten free whole grain oatmeal mixture carrying 18g of carbohydrates (4g sugar 3g fiber), 2.5g of fat (0.5g saturated), and a rather small dose of protein at 10g, making the product more of a SMART snack than a SMART protein replacement. For those loyal Detour followers eyeing up the brand’s latest creation, the bar should be available in stores soon with three flavors set for it’s menu, apple cinnamon, blueberry, and cranberry flax.

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