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Pumped drops it’s DMAA for dendrobium, Freak’N Muscle’s first reboot formula for 2013

Freak'N Muscle launch their 2013 reboot with Pumped V2

Freak’N Muscle popped up at this year’s FIBO in Germany with a number of new supplements bringing some life back into the long forgotten brand. Up until then the title attractive company carried only two formulas in Freak’N Pumped and Freak’N Shredded. After the show it was confirmed Freak’N Muscle had seven products set for this year’s reboot, Freak’N Massive, Whey, Greens, Recover, Test, and the two originals reformulated, Pumped and Shredded. Despite FIBO being back in April, and the many promises from Freak’N Muscle along the way, the brand have finally got things underway. Throughout Canada, fans and supplement shoppers should now have available to them version two of the pre-workout Pumped. According to Freak’N Muscle even old followers of the company will be in for a different experience. As the formula has dropped it’s DMAA for a number of more modern features such as, dendrobium and creatine HCL. While the year progresses the brand’s previously announced supplements should begin to surface, however until then Pumped along with the currently stocked products Shredded and Test is all we have.

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