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Watermelon G Fuel release date confirmed, Gamma confirm another flavor for their pre

Gamma Labs watermelon to be followed by peach mango G Fuel

Gamma Labs confirmed earlier in the year that they had new flavors coming to their pre-workout supplement G Fuel. After about a month’s wait the brand followed up on their announcement with the release of the brightly themed variant, pink lemonade. Much to the surprise of fans, along with the official launch of the pretty product, Gamma made mention of G Fuel in watermelon for release soon after. Despite all the excitement of seeing the brand turn their three piece menu into five, the hype soon died down as nothing was heard about the upcoming watermelon variant for months. However Gamma have now made the announcement and confirmed an arrival date of August 5th for the new flavor. To show just how confident the brand are of that date they are currently taking on pre-orders for bottles, boxes, and a special edition pack consisting of a bottle, box, variety pack, snap back, and a sample of yet another new flavor coming soon, peach mango. You check out all the details and secure yourself some watermelon G Fuel through Gamma Lab’s official website now.

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