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Fanatyx getting a new look and pre-workout, Genomyx tease a rebranding with Evol out front

Genomyx rebranding and the upcoming pre-workout Evol

Genomyx have been dropping and introducing supplements over the past few months with the most recent update being the announcement of the new formula Evol. While the brand have yet to confirm anything aside from it’s title and intended category. It does look like the product may in fact bring with it a redesigned label theme. Genomyx have just come out showing off a fresh new look for all five of their supplements, CREignite, Slin Sane, Protocol, Decimate, and even the upcoming pre-workout Evol. The rebranding may only be at it’s concept stage, however it does give you an idea of where the design team are heading with black and blue as their color combination, an enlarged logo backing the bottles, and different color accents for each individual product. Even though the new theme has not been set in stone, it does almost guarantee that Genomyx will be changing the look of their line sometime soon.

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