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Jack3d Advanced deal not to be missed, NutraPlanet launch USP Lab’s latest

USP Labs launch Jack3d Advanced at Nutra Planet

Just as the popular retailer did with their launch of USP Labs first ever protein powder OxyElite Protein. NutraPlanet have teamed up the debut of the new pre-workout Jack3d Advanced with yet another deal not to be missed. While you can choose to purchase a bottle of the supplement on it’s own from the store for $39.99. NutraPlanet’s release special stack will cost you the same amount at $39.99, however it comes with a USP 3 in 1 shaker, samples of each OxyElite Protein flavor chocolate and vanilla, one sachet each of the OxyElite fat burner, Jack3d Micro, and Modern BCAA+, and to really send it home a full size bottle of the brand’s pre-workout amplifier Versa-1. There is absolutely no arguing with this sale, just as it has been with every other launch stack NutraPlanet have done in the past.

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