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T-X3 release followed by weight loss formula, Lecheek Nutrition keep their range fresh with another newbie

Lecheek Nutrition's upcoming flavored fat burner

Lecheek Nutrition may have only just released their new testosterone booster T-X3 in retailers, but they are already back on the launch train with the teasing of another upcoming supplement. The product was first mentioned over the weekend, and has now been confirmed with an unknown name as a fat burner. Currently the brand are sitting on one weight loss formula in OxyECA Black, giving them plenty of room to justify the release of another fat burning supplement. While nothing has been announced in regards to the product’s contents, we do know that the untitled formula will be launching in powdered form. In the past Lecheek have not exactly been the most efficient brand when it comes to releasing. However with the first tease already out of the way, and the supplement’s name coming later in the week. They may be closer to that one month mark rather than the dragged out T-X3 two to three month launch.

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