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Official %1er tees previewed for Pure PF3, MAN Sports looking to subtly spread the word

MAN Sports new Pure PF3 looking to get a tee

A few days ago MAN Sports announced the coming of their attempt at a protein powder in Pure PF3. The supplement is intending to be a one of a kind product claiming to replace your heavy 30g protein scoop with a 6.5g concentrated hit of an unknown formula. At the moment there is only the dedicated information page, which goes over the backstory of the new Pure PF3, as well as a chance to beta test the first batch of the supplement. As the days have passed curiosity has been eating away at a lot of people, especially fans, waiting for more details, or at least at estimated launch date. Unfortunately no more information has surfaced, but the brand are showing signs of making this release one to for the books. While there official product page  is rather subtle, MAN have revealed a tee design promoting the Pure PF3 logger title, %1er. The shirt is only at the preview stage, however it certainly shows the effort the brand look to be putting behind the new unique supplement.

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