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REM P.M. gets the red and black rebranding, MAN looking good heading into Pure PF3

MAN Sports rebrand their fat burner REM P.M.

MAN Sports have been more than just releasing this year with a new website, clothing announcements, and the emergence of their extremely powerful pre-workout Game Day. Despite being a company with only a small series of supplements, they are making a lot noise. If the performance of their powerhouse pre-workout was not enough, the talked about Pure PF3 protein product set to launch very soon, has also brought some added attention. Whether or not MAN planned on this rise in popularity, they did write in a rebranding late last year that is now complete enough to give all their newcomers a warm welcome. Most fans would have noticed the new image from the release of Game Day, as well as Nolvadren-XT/N-XT, Orotine, Yohimbine HCL, and PR-XT, supplements already carrying the label design. More products are set to make the transition with the latest one from the left out bunch being REM P.M. The night time thermogenic has been spotted with the updated packaging looking to be carrying the same contents, leaving fans with the comfort of the original formula remaining.

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