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MP Sportswear range relocated temporarily, Muscle Pharm’s new Assault on the horizon

Muscle Pharm relocated MP Sportswear's official store

In the wake of the reformulated Assault unveiling, CRE-3 nearing, and hopefully many more supplements to come. Muscle Pharm have moved their MP Sportswear direct store back to their official website. Previously the one stop shop for supporters gear was located at However if you check out that link now you will find yourself redirected to Unfortunately the shift, be it temporary or permanent, has seen the loss of a number products. Not just from the massive tee shirt line that the subbrand have to offer, but the new hats we saw a week or so ago and the recently released headphones. Despite it looking like a concrete move, there is the possibility that the MP Sportswear site is being worked on. If you can wind yourself back to last week, it was confirmed that the team had 15 new products lined up for launch. Which could be in the process of being added, and explain the shift in address. Either way fans need to keep an eye, not just for the new Summer Collection, but for the reformulated Assault, that if does come through. Will be Muscle Pharm’s first Hybrid Series release since the remodeling of Battle Fuel last year in December.

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