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Carnivor flavors put aside for v-neck and tank, MuscleMeds add more to their clothing line

MuscleMeds red branded v-neck and tank top

MuscleMeds have been a lot more focused this year on their gear department rather than their supplement series with a number of new releases such as the zip jumper and white hoodie. There has been some interest in nutrition products by way of more Carnivor flavors and an untitled formula, however neither have seen more than a beta bottle. Getting back to topic of today, MuscleMed’s have just launched two new items headed for the brand’s supporter’s section with a v-neck tee and tank top. Both have been produced in one color red and an unconfirmed range of sizes. Despite MuscleMeds announcing that both products are available now. The tee and tank have yet to be uploaded to their official website, assuming that they are at least on their way.

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