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Fourth flavor confirmed for Creacore, Muscletech keep in fruity with sour apple

Muscletech give Creacore a fourth flavor in sour apple

While Muscletech have yet to say anything more on their upcoming supplement releases, that are looking more and more likely to be on track for the Olympia Expo. There has been another flavored confirmed and launched for their competitively priced concentrated creatine, Creacore. The creatine HCL and fenugreek formula recently had two new tastes added to it’s lone lemon lime menu in blue raspberry and orange fusion. With the latter being awarded to as an exclusive. The latest variant for the product continues over the fruity theme in sour apple. The new flavor may not have been announced as widely as Creacore’s other two, however it has surfaced alongside them with it already showing up in stores. Sour apple not only makes it four for the supplement, but it has also given Muscletech stockists the ability to offer the same amount of options as As the online retailer are not currently listing the sour apple variant next to their exclusive orange fusion.

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