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Round two of 2013’s pre-workout frenzy, products set to reshape the popular category

Pre-workouts lined up for release over the next few months

After this month’s confirmation of Top Secret Nutrition’s Pump Igniter being ready to go. Fans and followers of pre-workout formulas are set to be treated to what is shaping up as round two for the energizing category in 2013. Earlier in the year we saw two hyped up pre-workout supplements Superdrive and Ritual go at it, which resulted in ANS Performance taking up a position in our top 10. Another brand that was meant to be participating in that April battle was Scivation with Psycho. Unfortunately they had an issue with one of the formula’s ingredients, forcing them to put it on the back burner. Now however with all the recent activity in the facts panel reveal and imaging, it does appear that the reformulated Psycho could be ready to launch for round two over the next couple of months. Joining Scivation’s long awaited product for the possible reshaping of the pre-workout category is Muscle Pharm’s new Assault, the aforementioned Pump Igniter, and a supplement that has already been released. But is predicted to make an impact now that it can be purchased, Neon Sport’s Volt. With all the big name pre-workouts set for launch, we are definitely looking at an interesting next two months leading up to the Olympia in September.