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Amino Tone and King-Mass join the fat burner Beta-Stim for 2013, Ronnie Coleman confirms two more for his Signature Series

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Amino Tone and King Mass

On top of launching his brand’s first ever fat burning formula in the next few months with Beta-Stim. Ronnie Coleman has announced two more supplements coming to his internationally distributed Signature Series. The two new products that have been confirmed, as well as the weight loss supplement and the promised creatine complex from earlier in the year, are Amino Tone and King Mass. Both titles speak for themselves with Amino Tone set to join the trending amino cocktail market with some sort of flavored BCAA blend, and King Mass a heavy duty protein powder seeing the Signature Series go full circle with protein options. Neither product has had anything other than a name released, leaving fans with only the excitement of the upcoming items. One can only assume that Ronnie is gearing up for a big showing at this year’s Olympia in September, with the Signature Series currently carrying three possible supplement launches for the event.

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