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Charge joined by Siege image and two titles, more info on Cellucor’s Royal Sport LTD

Royal Sport LTD Charge Siege Burn Test

While we have still yet to see anything from Cellucor in regards to their upcoming spin off brand Royal Sport LTD. We did get a glimpse of their first supplement release Charge, the BCAA and SAA formula. Despite their Facebook page, Twitter account, and official website still being inactive, more information has surfaced in regards to the rest of their range. The product names that have been mentioned after the spotting of Charge are Test, Burn, and Siege. Of the three Siege is the only one that has had it’s picture taken confirming it’s pre-workout position. The other two if they are in fact official titles, won’t really need any sort of photograph, as their names speak for themselves, Test for testosterone, and Burn for fat burner. Unfortunately as far as formulas go Charge’s facts panel is still all that has been previewed. We can only hope that with the discovery of Royal Sport LTD and their four supplements, Cellucor will get a few more bits and piece online soon.

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