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Psycho coming in with 3g more per maximum, Scivation getting ready for their launch party

Scivation getting ready to release their new pre-workout Psycho

The first time Scivation previewed their pre-workout formula Psycho, it was way back in May with a full facts panel. Unfortunately due to negative feedback from beta testers, the brand decided to take the product back to the drawing board and make a few changes to it.

This delay was further confirmed with an announcement from Scivation saying that Psycho should be ready for release in about 12 weeks time. As it turns out it has been about 12 weeks and the brand are gearing up for it’s imminent launch. Numerous images have been uploaded of the supplement revealing Psycho’s new flavor apple asylum, and it’s enlarged overall tub size of 306g.

If Scivation have held on to the original formula’s scoop count, we are looking at a 3.3g difference in maximum serving weight which should mean a fair bit has been changed. While those two details are all that we have available, fans may not need to wait that much longer with Scivation looking like they are ready to release sometime over the next month.

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