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Tiger Fitness OxyElite Protein stack for $66, third launch special celebrating USP’s latest

Tiger Fitness USP Labs OxyElite Protein stack

Just like Nutra Planet did when they released the latest USP Labs supplement, OxyElite Protein. Tiger Fitness have put together their very own limited edition stack to go with the launch of the product. Available now from the retailer for $66.09 is a pack of 7 items,

a USP 3 in 1 shaker, two samples of Jack3d Micro, two samples of Modern BCAA+, a bottle of OxyElite Powder in blue raspberry, fruit punch or raspberry lemonade, and a tub of the hot new supplement OxyElite Protein, in either chocolate or vanilla.

The overall value of the stack isn’t as good as Nutra Planet’s deal or USP’s $40 Inner Circle bargain, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re after discount on the thermogenic powder and a needing a new shaker.

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